Pathways 2 Power is a student-led activist group originated from Thurgood Marshall Academy, but inclusive of the city as a whole. We are starting conversations about issues going on in our backyard that have been normalized, including violence, crime, housing insecurity, mental health, and more. Our organization works to create a seat at the table in decision making that directly impacts our community. We are making change in our communities and finding ways to include our voices in the larger conversations in the city concerning violence. We are working to create a healthy community that lives up to the DC pride we have.

I wanted to create a space where people could be living their everyday lives, not thinking about kids being shot and killed in the poorest corners of the city, and then they’d see the mural, I want to make people uncomfortable and encourage them to have those hard conversations about what’s happening in this city and to use their power and privilege to do something about the issue.
— lauryn renford, co-founder